Lab D+H won ASLA Professional Awards 2020, Professional Urban Design Category Honor Award, Yongqing Fang Alleyways

American Society of Landscape Architects Professional Awards 2020 publishes on Sep 4th, 2020, Lab D+H wins the Honor Award of Professional Urban Design Category. There’re 31 selected winners in 2020 Professional Award, four Excellence awards, twenty-sever Honor awards and one Landmark Award. There’re three Chinese teams win Honor Awards this year, Lab D+H is the first Asian team wins Urban Design Award. ASLA Award was established by American Society of Landscape Architects, the most authorized award worldwide. The ASLA bestows various awards annually to professionals and students in the field of landscape architecture for designs and projects. The winning awards reflect the global trends and future of Landscape Architecture.

There’re 7 categories set up for this year, including General Design, Urban Design, Residential Design,Analysis and Planning,Communications,Research and the Landmark Award. Urban Design is the new added category this year, in recognition of projects in built/ built which activates and improves social equity, economic vitality, infrastructure, environmental management and place making.


Yongqing Fang wins 2020 Lila Awards Speicial Mention in Publlic Project category.

Yongqingfang stood out from many projects and won the 2020 Lila landscape award hosted by Landezine magazine and the special award from the judges of the public project group. The committee received more than 280 entries this year, with only 7 excellence awards and 5 special Mention awards.


Lab D+H won the design competition for National Sports Center in Chuncheon.

Lab D+H won the design competition for National Sports Center (Disabled compatible)in Chuncheon, collaborated with SoA Architects.


Lab D+H won Nandu River Waterfront Competition.

Lab D+H stands out from many competitors, reshaping the 4.5-kilometer-long urban waterfront along the east bank of the Nandu River with design theme - the Nandu Long Scroll. As the landmark infrastructure of Haikou New City, the project will be built in 2021.


Yongqing Fang wins WLA awards

Yongqingfang wins the 2020 WLA landscape award, the winning award for large-scale completed projects. The award has more than 230 applicants from all over the world this year, Yongqing Fang is honored to be awarded with other three projects.


Zhongwei Li is recognized as Teaching Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Zhongwei Li, Cofounder/ Creative Designer director of Lab D+H, is recognized as Teaching Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the curriculum starts in autumn 2020.


Lab D+H teams up with Sou Fujimoto to design the 6th pavilion station in Haikou.


Official instagram account for Seoul office opened.

SEO instagram account opened. Please follow IG: labdh_seoul


Lab D+H, together with OMA to design the Ersha Factory in Zhengzhou.


Bridge 3 and Yongqing Fang win IDA Design Awards Silver and Bronze awards.


Award Ceremony for Pedestrian Network along Han-river waterfront Competition.

Pedestrian Network along Han-river waterfront Competition award ceremony was held at the Seoul Hall Of Urbanism & Architecture


Lab D+H won the international competition for Pedestrian Network along Han-river waterfront.

Lab D+H was selected for the Pedestrian Network along Han-river waterfront International Design competition in Seoul.


YoungJoon Choi was appointed as one of Seoul's the 4th Public Landscape Architect.


Lab D+H wins Haikou West Coast Central Park Competition.


Lab D+H projects featured in <laK> magazine #374

laK magazine features Lab D+H's office profile, 3 essay's from partners and recent built works in June 2019's issue.


Lab D+H won the design competition for Incheon Seo-gu Community Center and Urban Air-way Forest

Lab D+H won the design competition for Incheon Seo-gu Community Center and Urban Air-way Forest, collaborated with SoA Architects.


Lab D+H together with SOM to design the Hangzhou Gateway.


Panel discussion for Jeju Jusangjeoli Landscape Competition

Jogyeongisang, an open group for young landscape architects in Korea, held a panel discussion for the recent Jeju Jusangjeoli Landscape Competition. YoungJoon Choi participated in as panels.


YoungJoon Choi was appointed as the editorial board member of laK magazine.


Lab D+H was runner-up in the International design competition for landscape of columnar jointing area, Jeju


Yongqing Fang And Yantai Mountain win ASLA southern California chapter merit and honor awards.


YoungJoon Choi lectured for Jogyeongisang's lecture tour series at Sunchon National University.

YoungJoon Choi gave a lecture with Jaehyeok Choi of Openness Studio at Sunchon National University, as the third lecture event of Jogyeongisang's lecture tour series.


Yantai Mountain won China real estate awards Gold Prize.